Bridges&Masonry Technology

Bridges and Masonry technology

Coffey Group have many years of experience in specialist bridge and masonry a methods including grouting, diamond core drilling, abutment / arch strengthening, masonry arch bridge strengthening, shot creting & guniting.

Coffey Experience :

Diamond Core Drilling

Drogheda Viaduct Strengthening Works
Client: Irish Rail
Project Value: £35098,000 (ex VAT)

Project Description:

The works involved the strengthening of one arch (Arch 7) by means of crossing stitching with reinforcement and post tensioning the bar once grouted into position. A significant amount of false work was required to achieve the height for working under the arch. A number of cross stitching was also required under the arch where transitional crack were shown.




OB 417A Leslie’s Overbridge Replacement
Client: Irish Rail
Project Value: £4609,000 (ex VAT)

Project Description:

The project consisted of the replacement of an existing overbridge on the Sligo to Dublin railway line. The project involved the strengthening of the existing abutments and replacement of the deck by casting on site a new bridge deck. The grouting works involved the drilling of nine holes 7m deep from the top down to the bottom of the abutment in a 1.5m square grid. Once the 75mm diameter drill holes were created, grout was premixed and injected/pumped into the holes via the hollow drill bar. This particular job used 11 tons to OPC grout in each abutment to a total of 22 tons.



Abutment/Arch Strengthening

UB 66 Ennis Line
Client: Irish Rail
Project Value: £5842,000 (ex VAT)

Project Description:

The objective of the project was to provide arch repair and bridge strengthening works to the bridge. The arch repair works included diamond-core drilling into masonry, the installation of the stitching anchors for the voussior spandrel stones and shot creting of the soffit. The bridge strengthening works consisted of lime mortar pointing to the bridge, cross stitching of vertical cracks in the abutment walls as well as soil nailing of the abutment walls. Ballast retaining units and handrails were installed to the top of the bridge.



Masonry Arch Bridge Strengthening

Mooretown Bridge
Client: National Roads Authority
Project Value: £5444,000 (ex VAT)

Project Description:

Mooretown Bridge is a single span masonry arch bridge on the R163 spanning the Mooretown watercourse. The total span is approximately 4.0m and the bridge is approximately 6.0m between masonry parapets. The R163 is a busy regional road carrying traffic from the Nobber Road to Kells. There is also a significant HGV content. The bridge was damaged and the arch had partially collapsed in one area with stress, cracking and depressions in other areas. Works involved:

  • Propping and repair of the masonry arch from beneath.
  • Repair to the top of the bridge following the repairs to the arch.
  • Removal of top of road surface and the addition of a regulating course and a wearing course to the top of the bridge.
  • Repairs to parapet walls.



Shot Creting & Guniting

Donegal Bridges Repair Contract
Client: Donegal County Council
Project Value: £4938,000 (ex VAT)

Project Description:

The works involved the strengthening of six bridges located around the county of Donegal. A number of them were in poor condition and therefore shot creting was required to the underside of the arch to strengthen the structure.



UBB111 River Dee Masonry Repairs

Location: Dunleer. Co. Louth, Ireland
Client: Iarnrod Eireann
This project involves the following:

  • Installation of access roads;
  • Erection of working platform/scaffolding to access the underside of the bridge;
  • Powerwash and remove all build up of material on arch barrels;
  • Install pattress plates and anchor bars through voussoirs from end to end;
  • Install stitching bars around cracks in arch barrel;
  • Inject grout into three arch barrels to fill voids;
  • Point all three arches and walls;
  • Remove working platform/scaffolding;
  • Remove access roads and return site to original state. 

Athenry Town Walls Capital Works

Location: Athenry, Co. Galway, Ireland
Client: Galway Co Co
The object of this package of works is to repair a section of the historic town wall which  is standing in a built-up area at the north west corner of the town of Athenry. Works will include – removal of all plant growth, masonry repairs (with limited stone replacement), pinning and pointing, and miscellaneous weathering repairs using lime mortars.

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