Copley Street Mixed Use development, Cork City

Copley Street Mixed Use development, Cork CityClient:  MK Corbett
Engineer:  Niall Fitzsimons Engineers
Value:  € 15.5m
Completion:  July 2005
Method of Procurement:  Restricted Procedure – including pile and temporary design

Project Description:
Project involved the construction of 2No. 5 storey buildings on a common basement carpark. Building A has 4 commercial floors and a top floor with 9 apartments. Building B has 4 floors each with 7 apartments and a commercial ground floor. The top floors of both buildings are connected by a link bridge.

  • Foundations – The structure is founded on 134No. pile caps supported by 265No. CFA Piles.
  • Basement – A well system was used to de-water the site. The basement floor is up to 3meters below finished road level.
  • Building A – This was constructed with in-situ reinforced concrete slabs supported by reinforced concrete columns. The top floor was a steel-frame structure, which also formed the roof. The lift shaft and stair-wells were also of a reinforced concrete construction.
  • Building B – This was constructed using pre-cast hollowcore floor slabs sitting or in-situ reinforced concrete beams supported by reinforced concrete columns. The stair-wells and lift shaft were again of a reinforced concrete construction.
  • Link Bridge – The bridge was formed using hollowcore slabs spanning between the two buildings, on which were glazed sidewalls with a clad roof.
  • Building Finishes – The ground floor of both buildings has a limestone cladding finish. The front elevation of building A has a clad and curtain wall finish while all other areas are rendered.
  • The contract was carried out in a very short timeframe (13 months) due to deadline to the apartment to returning student in UCC.

As part of the ground works package, the following works were carried out, boundary fencing, Oil separator for underground car park, Cellular soakaway, underground car park, paved areas, kerbing and edging, Road markings to car park spaces and other markings, Street lighting CCTV equipment and Landscaping.

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