Wirtgen Building at Enfield Business Park

Wirtgen Building at Enfield Business ParkName:  Wirtgen Building at Enfield Business Park
Client:   Wirtgen Gmbh
Consultants:  Coffey Construction
Location:  Trim Road, Enfield, Co. Meath.
Project Value:  €4 million
Completion Date:  2009

Project Description:
The project involves the design build and construction of the new Wirtgen building including office, garage and associated site works.

The project involved the construction of a new headquaters for the Wirtgen group here in Ireland on a green field site at the Enfield Business Park in Enfield. The size of the building was 968m2 on a 2 acre site. The site is showroom and offices and services area for wirtgen Ireland, which is an international company that manufactures machinery for the construction industry. There was also a requirement for carparking for 30 cars and a new yard/storage area.
The work involved the design and construct of the office and garage and yard from the planning phase up to the construction and fitout of the building and service area. All the design work for the Structure, Mechanical and electrical and Data was carried out in house.

The site was a green field site that was stripped of the topsoil and clean crushed rock was brought into the site to form the foundations for the road and the building. The building area was then layered with type 1 material and a screed poured for the foundations.

New Office:
2 story office building with (6.2m to ridge) consisting of offices, canteen, stores, washrooms and disabled toilets.
The new office was constructed in the front part of the new steel building. It was constructed using a steel Universal Beams and Columns. Once the steel frame was in place the floor constructed using Z sheets and a concrete floor was poured over the Z sheets. Riser shafts for the electrical and other services were installed. The facade of the building was constructed using Tegral Architectural Facade system on the front of the building and blockwork on the side elevation. The Architectural Facade frame system was used and this was clad using a Terracotta facade system supplied by Tegral. All the installation work was carried out by coffey construction. The external blockwork was plastered and painted. Once all the structure was in place the fitout of the office area commenced including the installation of a lift. The lift shaft was constructed using blockwork. Coffey construction managed all the subcontractors involved in the fit out of the building, including telecoms and data.

Workshop/Service Area.
Workshop – (22m x 36m x 6.89m) consists of machine hoist and compressed air hoses, exhaust fumes extractors, gantry crane, oil supply lines, work-benches with vises etc., offices and storage area.  Structural steel building with Kingspan cladding. 

The foundation area was filled using suitable matereial and then blinded with type 1 for the foundation. A pit area was excavated in the workshop area that would allow access to the underside of the plant. This pit was constructed using reinforced concrete and was the first element of the building to be built. A radon barrier was insatalled and the RC pads for the Universal beams were excavated, shuttered and poured along with the holding down bolts. Once all the pads had been installed the concrete floor salb was poured. The floor slab had a lot of reinforcement in it due to the weight of the machinery that it would be carrying up to 60 tons. Once the floor slab was constructed a steel frame building was put up using univeral beams and columns. This was then clad using a kingspan insulated sheeting system on the side and the roof. The first 2m from the floor slab was constructed using blockwork so that service for electrical and pipe work for oils and fluids could be attached to the wall. 3 number roller shutter doors was installed to a height of 6m. The doors are automatic and insulated. A toliet block and shower room were also installed along with an office and canteen. 1 number double girder overhead cranes were installed to allow lifting of heavy equipment around the workshop area. Power points and lighting were installed at various locations around the workshop. 

A new concrete yard was installed as part of the works. The new concrete yard had an area of 310m2 with a depth of 150mm RC slab.

An area to the front of the office was designated as car parking and this area had a wearing course installed over the concrete slab and was line marked for the spaces.

Additional Works
As part of the ground works package, the following works were carried out, Palisade boundary fencing, Private surface water drainage works connecting to a soakaway, Oil separator, Cellular soakaway, park, paved areas and granular margins construction, Kerbing and edging, Road markings to car park spaces and other markings, Street lighting CCTV equipment and Landscaping.

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