Administration & Workshop Stores Building, Lexlip Ballycoolin

Administration & Workshop Stores Building, Lexlip BallycoolinClient:  Fingal County Council
Engineer:  Nicholas O Dwyer Consultant Engineers
Completion:  May 2006
Value:  €1.4 million (Complete contract €25 million)

Project Description:

The scheme provides for the construction at Ballycoolen of a reservoir, water tower, pumping station, chlorination plant, inlet chamber, administration building, workshop/stores building, pipework and associated site works. The proposal will augment the existing water supply facilities. The development facilitated the improved supply of water to the existing water distribution networks of the entire Fingal County area, the North City Fringe area and a portion of South East Meath.

New Buildings
Construction of 2,000m2 ft of new Administration and Workshop/Stores Buildings as part of the Lexlip Ballycoolin Water supply scheme (25m contract) Existing buildings and structures on the site were demolished. Coffey Construction Limited was the PSCS for the project.

All the buildings were constructed using a steel frame and block infills. The existing buildings on the site had first to be demolished and then stripping of the field and filling the site using suitable material and then blinded with type 1 for the foundation. A radon barrier was insatalled and the pads for the Universal beams were installed long with the holding down bolts. Once all the pads had been installed the hollow core concrete floor salb was installed. Once the floor slab was in place a steel frame building was put up using univeral beams and columns. This was then clad using forticrete blockwork externally and plastered blockwork on the internal skin. A number folding shutter doors was installed to a height of 6m. The doors are automatic and insulated. A toliet block and shower room were also installed along with an office and canteen. Power points and lighting were installed at various locations around the various buildings.

Design and construction of three new building which were separate units.

  1. Unit 1 is two stories, highly specified Administration Building comprising of approximately 750m2 floor areas of offices, meeting rooms, staff accommodation and welfare facilities.
  2. Unit 2 is a plant and machinery workshop/garage with offices comprising of approximately 700m2 floor area including offices and staff accommodation. This was a two stories building with offices and a small stores area in the first 5m over 2 floors with the rest of the building being double height. The double height section was used for storing large fitting and large pumps. All this was on a hollow core concrete flooring, forklifts were constantly travelling over it to move the materials.
  3. Unit 3 was a chlorination building with an area of 420m2 which housed pumps and chlorination equipment for the water facility. Part of the building was three stories with one section that housed the pumps being under ground. There was a gantry crane over this section of the building, so allow the pumps be lifted in and out as required.
    As part of the contract for the client the fit-out of the internal finishing’s including M&E and data was carried out on the building. Ancillary items of work include fuel storage/dispensing area, gas storage, provision of water supply and effluent treatment plant were also constructed.

A new concrete yard was installed as part of the works. This involved the excavation and filling of the new yard area. The extension to the existing yard was filled when the factory area was filled and this was then capped using type 1 material. The new concrete yard had an area of 300m2 with a depth of 150mm RC slab. Several bays were constructed using blockwork. The bays were for the storage of grit and salt for the council.

Additional Works:
Ground Works:
As part of the ground works package, the following works were carried out, Palisade boundary fencing, Private surface water drainage works connecting to a soakaway, Oil separator, Cellular soakaway, park, paved areas and granular margins construction, Kerbing and edging, Road markings to car park spaces and other markings, Street lighting CCTV equipment and Landscaping

Concrete Works:

  1. A 5000m3 capacity reinforced pigmented concrete Y shaped Water Tower, complete with inlet, outlet, scour and overflow pipework. The height of the tower 35m the top diameter is 35m and the shaft diameter is 6m.
  2. A reinforced concrete reservoir with a capacity of 100,000m3 was constructed on the site. The size of the reservoir was 130m x 130m x 7m and was constructed using reinforced concrete.the twin cell reservoir was complete with inlet, outlet, scour and overflow pipework.
  3. There was also additional concrete works on site including various plints and concrete floors for buildings:

Site water supply and drainage pipework up to 1400mm dia ductile iron and major connections to existing 914mm pre-stressed concrete watermains serving north Dublin. All associated control valving and monitoring instrumentation was also installed.

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