Ballylynam Landfill Site, - Capping and Restoration

Ballylynam LandfillName:  Ballylynam Landfill Site, - Capping and Restoration
Client:  Tegral Building Products Ltd.
Consultants:  Capita Symonds
Location:  Ballylynam Landfill Site, Athy, Co Kildare
Project Value:  €335,000
Completion Date:  Dec 2006

Project Description

The nature and condition of a landfill is that of a repository for waste, which are non-homogenous in composition and may generate different degradation by products depending on age, circumstances of deposit and depth.  The Ballylynan Landfill Site was previously a limestone quarry and was developed as a landfill for inert and non-biodegradable waste arising solely from within the premises of the Tegral Athy facility.  It is understood that asbestos containing construction materials have been disposed of at the landfill.  All waste materials, including asbestos containing construction materials are covered by a minimum of 1.5m cover of inert subsoils and no wastes are exposed.  The installation of the capping system does not require the excavation of the inert cover placed over the waste and any such excavation is prohibited in the contract documents.

The works involved the capping of the existing waste cell. The top layer of the landfilled which was capped with soil was regraded using a dozer. The layer of Geotextile was then spread over the area. The cell was lined with 600mm of ECC Engineered clay cappedInsulation,(18,000m2) which was spread over the landfill using a Dozer with GPS to make sure that the levels are correct. The next layer of geotextile was then spread over the liner and the cell was then capped with 9,000m3 of clay (300mm layer of subsoil). Herring bone haul roads were created over the geotextile layer using a dumper and a long reach machine so the A25 Dumptrucks could travel over the liner without damaging it. A dozer was then used to regrade the new capping layer, which was then seeded with grass.

The water that is trapped in the top geotextile layer is collected in surface water swales. A new surface water managment system was put in place for the landfill.

Coffey Construction was the principal contractor on the site and was the PSCS for the contract. All the works on site was carried out by Coffey Construction Ltd.

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