Galmoy Mines

Galmoy Mines LandfillName:  Galmoy Mines
Client:  Galmoy Mines Ltd,
Consultants:  Golder Associates (UK) Ltd.,
Location:  Galmoy, Co. Kilkenny
Project Value:  €3.0m
Completion Date:  August 2006

Project Description

The works consisted of a pre-construction flood testing programme, site preparation and construction of the tailings dam cell 3 including the installation of drainage works, the permanent access roads and run off interceptor drains and appurtenant structures. The size of the tallings dam was 55,000m2.

The project involved the construction of new cells, including lining and drainage works. The cells area is 55,000m2.
The inital part of the contract was to strip the existing topsoil from over the site area. The size of the dam was approximately 235m x 235m. The topsoil that was stripped was moved to another part of the site. The topsoil was stripped using dumpers and loaded onto A40 Dumptrucks with 45ton excavators.On another part of the mine site another area was stripped of topsoil as the subsoil was going to be used for the earthen embankment around the Dam. The bulk excavation of 20,000m3 of suitable material was hauled to the dam area to create the earthern enbankments. The filling of the embankment was carried out in layers and compacted, using dozers and 45ton excavators. The sides were graded using a longreach excavator from the bottom and top of the embankments.
Once the embankments were in place the embankments were topsoiled again using the material stripped earlier and seeded.

The layer of Geotextile (55,000m2) was then spread over the new dam area. The cell was lined with HDPE liner (55,000m2) which was spread over the dam using an excavator holding a roll of HDPE liner. The liner was 2mm thick smooth. The liner joints were then welded.

A series of finger drains and chimney collection drains were constucted in the dam. Wells and piezometers were installed as well.

Additional Works:

  • Fencing - 500m of 2.5m high timber post and chainlink and barbed wire fence with gates.
  • Around the facility a new road network was installed.

Coffey Construction was the principal contractor on the site and was the PSCS for the contract. All the works on site was carried out by Coffey Construction Ltd.

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