Inagh Landfill

Inagh LandfillName:  Inagh Central Waste Management Facillity Phase 3
Client:  Clare County Council.
Consultants:  Tobin Engineers
Location:  Ballyduff Beg, Inagh, Co Clare  
Project Value:  €3.7 m
Completion Date:  October 2007

Project Description:

The project involved the construction of new cells, including lining and leachate collection system and leachate holding tanks. The cells area is 23,000m2. Works included the construction of a surface water management compound, four engineered cells adjacent to an existing landfill facility, construction of embankments to Phase 4 and 5 and the provision of a leachate holding tank and leachate management area.

Construction of 23,000m2 new waste cell which was divided into 4 seperate cells. A Type C Lining was installed in this case. A type C liner (Geosynthetic Liner) is more commonly use in the UK but due to ground condition being boulder clays it was suitable for a Type C Liner. Once the liner was inplace then the geotextile carpet was layed out over the cells. (this is a protection layer between the liner from the lechate.). 500mm of leachate stone was spread over the landfill area.

A new leachate pipeline and holding tank was constructed for the new cells. 154m of 90mm internal diameter (HDPE with fusion jointed pipes), 872m of 200mm (HDPE), 104m of 110mm (HDPE), and 172m of 560mm (HDPE) leachate collection pipeline was installed. A Leachate holding tank  with a volume of 600m3 was constructed along with associated pipework and M&E plant.

 A new Surface Water Management system was instlled on the site and this involved laying of  211m of 225mm dia surface water (Concrete pipes class H) pipeline and 17m of 225mm dia surface water (HDPE with butt fusion joints) pipeline. Pipelaying of surface water pipeline - 14 m of 500mm concrete flexible jointed socket and spigot pipe, Pipelaying of watermain Construction 760 m of 100mm uPVC complete with fittings, valves, and hydrants.A Lined Surface Water Lagoon - 4202m2 of surface water lagoon liner and Slow sand Filter (96m2 reinforced concrete slow and filter) was constructed as part of the surface water managment system.

Fencing - 514m of 2.5m high timber post and chainlink and barbed wire fence with gates.
450m of 2-way ducting of 160mm uPVC class B duct was installed.
Around the facility a new road network was installed. 648 m2 of Type 1 road, 1114 m2 of Type 2 road, 2597 m2 of Type 3 road and 988 m2 of Type 4 road. Around the lagoon 495m2 of jeep track was installed.
Coffey Construction was the principal contractor on the site and was the PSCS for the contract. All the works on site was carried out by Coffey Construction Ltd.

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