OB 221F Fannings Clondoty

OB221F FanningsName:  OB 221F 
Location:  Clondoty, Loughmare, Templemore, Co. Tipperary
Client:  Iarnrod Eireann, Track & Signals HQ
Project Value:  €1.4 million
Completion Date:  Dec 2009

Project Description:

This project was part of Iarnród Éireann’s Level Crossing Replacement Project. The project involved the replacement of level crossing XC99 by constructing a new overbridge with a span of approximately 29.4m and associated approach embankments, walls, fencing, safety barriers and drainage.

Ground Works:

Site clearance of the site and a new access road. The fencing of the land for the farmer both temporary and permenant. The excavation for the road into the bridge and associated drainage works. The drainage works including drains, service duct, filter drains and headwalls.

Piling works:

Due to the nature of the existing ground condition on site the foundation for the new bridge require a series of steel H plies to be driven into place to transfer the load from the bridge foundation to the rock at a depth of 15m below ground level. The steel piles were driven using a machine mounted piling rig owned by coffey plant. Testing was carried out on all pile both a load test and also a ultrasonic test.

Bridge Works:

Excavation for the embankment on either side of the railway line and excavation for the foundation of the bridge. The bridge was constructed using VSL Panels for the abutment and wingwalls with a bank seat of reinforced concetere. The bridge deck was constructed using precast concrete beams with a length of 30m. The bridge deck was constructed using reinforcement and C40 concrete, then the deck spray and chip installed for pavement constructions. Both temporary and permanent safety barrier and guardrail construction was installed.

Additional Information:

The new permanant access road was tied into the existing public road but due to the nature of the existing access point being on a bend addition works were required to meet planning specification.
Crash barrier (N2W4) was installed on both sides of the bridge to NRA standards and the installation of fencing to the farmer lands.

Summary of the works are as follows:

  • Site clearance and fencing
  • Excavation for roadworks and drainage
  • Drainage including drains, service duct, filter drains and headwalls
  • Embankment, foundation, reinforced earth, bank seat, bridge deck and pavement construction
  • Steel bearing piling works
  • Temporary and permanent safety barrier and guardrail construction
  • Tie into existing public road
  • Road surfaces and footways
  • Construction of a blockwork cattle pen and erection of gates
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