Gaddagh Bridge

Gaddagh BridgeName:  Gaddagh Bridge
Client:  Kerry County Council  
Consultants:  Consultant Engineers
Location:  Gaddagh, Co Kerry
Project Value:  €1.5 million
Completion Date:  June 2008

Project Description:

The project involves demolition and removal of the existing Gaddagh Bridge – which is already partially collapsed due to flood damage – followed by its replacement with a new five arched masonry clad in-situ reinforced concrete bridge together with associated approach road works, river training and riverbed protection works, drainage and accommodation works for utility services.

The following is a brief outline of the scope of work involved:

  • Temporarily divert overhead Eircom lines.
  • Secure site, set up site compound and set up traffic management.
  • Demolish and dispose of existing masonry/concrete bridge structure and riverbed apron and any other masonry or concrete debris as agreed with the engineer on site. 
  • Excavate and prepare formation for new bridge foundation construction. 
  • Construct in-situ reinforced concrete foundations, piers, abutments, arches, spandrel walls, curtain walls, wing walls and parapet core walls ensuring that all metal inserts/ties are provided for as required to facilitate the subsequent masonry cladding – also cast in ductwork (through bridge arches). 
  • Apply waterproofing to substructure surfaces, install substructure vertical drainage layers and place and compact backfill material. 
  • Infill over concrete arches with lean mix concrete and apply deck waterproofing
  • Clad bridge piers, abutments, wing walls, spandrel walls and parapet core walls in 150mm thick dressed limestone masonry coursed as detailed on the drawings. Also clad cutwater in 200mm thick random dressed limestone and form arch barrel facework in 200mm thick dressed limestone masonry voussoir stones.
  • Complete rubbing strips, ducting, drawpits, drainage and any service diversions.
  • Complete riverbed protection apron, including fish pass lined with stone pitching and place rock armour in riverbank protection/river training works.
  • Lay carriageway pavement and complete road markings, signage and road safety barriers.
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