A1 Linkshead Culvert Replacement

A1 Linkshead Culvert ReplacementName:   A1 Linkshead Culvert Replacement
Client:    Transport Scotland

Project Description:

This Contract was for the construction of 86m long 1200mm diameter Culvert at depths up to 5m beneath a single carriageway section of the A1/U219 Trunk Road Junction at Linkshead farm just east of Torness Power Station. The activities involved were road widening, traffic diversions, traffic management, drainage, road kerb construction, road pavement construction, road marking, traffic signage, grouting up of an existing culvert, and construction of inlet and outlet headwalls.

This project will increase the volume of water that will flow through the newly constructed 1200mm diameter culvert which will prevent any future flooding at Linkshead farm.


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