Waterford Outer Ring Road

Name:   Waterford Outer Ring Road
Client:    Waterford City Council  
Location:  Waterford City
Project Value:  €19 million 
Completion Date:  October 2006

Project Description:

The works involved the construction of approximate 6.8km long dual carriageway and some short sections of single carriageway roads and five new at-grade roundabouts will be constructed.

The new road involved the construction of earthworks, new pavement layers, wearing courses, drainage works, services ducts, reinforced concrete structures and other miscellaneous work. The new dual carriageway connects with existing roads and crosses various other existing roads.

Implementation of proper traffic management measures to accommodate the existing vehicle, cyclist and pedestrian traffic.

The Project involved all the construction work for a new dual carriageway project, including the following:

  • Mass earthworks (including deep excavations and high fill embankments)
  • Pavement layer works and surfacing work
  • Landscaping works
  • Drainage works
  • Kerbing works
  • Footpath, cycle track and pedestrian crossings
  • Accommodation of services
  • Road lighting and electrical works
  • Traffic signs and road marking works
  • Safety barriers and fencing works
  • Sructural concrete works
  • Environmental mitigation works
  • Accommodation works
  • Traffic management works


Various major reinforced concrete structures such as Lacken road bridge and the St. John’s River box culvert. There were additional miscellaneous structures on the contract.

Lacken Road Bridge - a 3-span integral reinforced concrete structure. The bridge is a monolithic construction, with continuous deck, and abutment walls and piers, are fully integrated with the superstructure. Minor reinforced concrete structures include various culvert wing walls and foundations for masonry walls. A new reinforced concrete weir in the new channel provided to divert the river.

St. John’s River box culvert – This was an insitu reinforced concrete structure which was constructed 200m away from the Road bridge. The culvert was 28m in length, 4m wide and 3m high. The culvert had an insitu concrete weir constructed to help regulate the flow of water in the river.


A combination of French drains, carrier drain, kerbs and gully, drainage channels are utilised on the project. In addition to this we are required to construct attenuation ponds and pollution control measure for the entire road network. We utilised slotted drainage channels constructed using a slipform machine where appropriate.


Services such as Eircom, ESB, Bord Gais, Chorus, Water and Sewerage had to be diverted and new services installed. This was all managed and controlled by our site staff with liaison with the relevant utilities.
The construction work also involved the removal of existing road lighting and cabling at Williamstown road and the provision of new road lighting and cabling. New road lighting was installed at all the other new roundabouts and on the approaches except for the roundabout where the Outer Ring Road connected with the N25 road. Installation of the road lighting at the N25 roundabout and on the approaches.


All surfacing for the job was carried by coffey construction using their mobile asphalt plant and all the asphalt was laid by coffey construction paving machines. 100mm of base course and 45mm of wearing course (Hot Rolled Asphalt) was laid


The construction of an embankment with a maximum height of 5m through the Kilbarry bog at the St. John’s River crossing.

Approximate volumes for the Waterford Outer Ring Road;

  • Excavation of acceptable material Class 5A (Topsoil) - 95,000 cub.m
  • Excavation of acceptable material excluding Class 5A - 320,000 cub.m
  • Excavation of unacceptable material Class U1 (Rock) 122,000 cub.m
  • Excavation of unacceptable material Class U1 (Bog) 50,000 cub.m
  • Deposition of fill to embankments - 200,000 cub.m
  • Deposition of fill to landscape mounds in Golf Course - 130,000 cub.m
  • Disposal of unacceptable material off site - 45,000 cub.m
  • Capping material - 75,000 cub.m
  • Clause 804 - 35,000 cub.m
  • Clause 503 - 25,000 cub.m
  • Clause 505C - 2,000 cub.m 
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