Rock Drilling


Coffey Construction Ltd have the qualifications and experience in the concept of Rock drilling, which briefly is to drill holes into a rock face or a stone face using a drill unit with rods which have a rock diamond bit attached which does all the cutting.

Plant Description:

We have used a variety of different equipment to carry out the process. We have used the Rock drill with the most effective results due to the versatility of the Unit. The Rock drill is machine mounted on a 30 ton excavator and can Drill and install at any angle, through any material, from any position. The drill has various lengths of rods which can be attached and has a rock bit at the end to cut into the rock surface. Compressed air is used to keep the drilled hole clear from dust and debris generated during the drilling motion.

Coffeys Experience:

  • Lock Restoration – The unit was used to drill holes into the canal wall as part of a strengthening process to be carried out on the canal walls.


  • Used on various Irish Rail jobs to drill for bridge bearing supports into the bridge Abutment. 


  • Used on various Irish Rail jobs to drill into rail bridge face to allow strengthening works to be carried out. 


  • Irish Rail - wimmer drill used to drill holes into the existing abutment to allow the bridge to be grouted. 6m deep holes were drilled into the abutment on a square grid of 1.2m. Benefits – clients saved money as abutment didn’t have to be removed and also accelerated the program.

  • Used on pipeline job in Connemara to drill holes for rock blasting to take place. 

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