Flood Defence

Coffey Construction has provided flood defence solutions in a wide range of environments.  These include 

  • Berms to raise river banks
  • Permanent sheet piled walls 
  • Reinforced concrete  flood walls
  • Rock armour to limit erosion in marine and river environments
  • Flood relief pumping stations
  • Enlargements of culverts under roads and railways
  • Restoration and enlargement of land drains
  • Protection of reclaimed land
  • Strengthening of existing flood defences.


Our in-house plant fleet allows us to undertake nearly all works using our own resources.  Typically, we would install sheet piles by driving or using a side grip excavator-mounted piling attachment.  Our pipe ramming and directional drilling, soil nailing and rock anchoring equipment offer competitive solutions which can also reduce the potential for local disruption.


One of our recent projects replaced most of the storm drains in the town of Tuam, and included replacing the culvert through which the River Nanny flowed with  precast concrete box sections which increased the flow capacity.  The box sections were founded 5 metres below the foundations of an immediately adjacent listed building, which required extensive temporary support.


Other recent projects have included a pumping station and culvert diversion for storm water in Tillicoultry in Scotland, rock armour protection to reclaimed land for a design/construct waste water treatment works project in Sligo, Ireland, and  several river bank earthworks and erosion protection projects. 


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