Specialist Overview


PilingIncluded in the fleet are various items of specialist equipment which provide a safe construction and economic advantage on many Projects.

Over the last 36 years Coffey Construction has always looked at innovative ways to carry out work and we haven’t been afraid to purchase plant that we believed could give us a competitive advantage over our rivals. From this reason the specialist plant division has built up. We have been at the forefront of bringing new ideas into the country to improve the way that we carry out our work. We have tried to bring innovative solutions to help clients on contracts that are proving problematic using a conventional system or that conventional system may not be a viable option to use and an innovative or alternative solution is required.

Drilling & Soil Nailing

The areas that we have looked into and found solutions for are:

  1. Soil Stabilisation
  2. Trenchless Technology
  3. Piling
  4. Bridges and Masonry technology

We are always looking for new and innovative ideas that will solve problematic issues that Coffey Construction face or ultimately our Clients.

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Soil Stabilisation

Soil stabilisation refers to the process of changing soil properties to improve strength and durability. The Coffey Group use many techniques for soil stabilisation, including rock anchors, soil nailing, sheet piling, injection technology and rock fall netting.
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Trenchless Technology

Trenchless technology is a family of methods, materials, and equipment capable of being used for the installation of new or replacement or rehabilitation of existing underground infrastructure with minimal disruption to surface traffic, business, and other activities. The Coffey Group use many techniques for Trenchless technology, including pipe ramming, pipe bursting, pipe jacking and displacement moles.
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The uses of piling in sites having poor access or low headroom or on soft ground requires innovative solutions. Coffey has the technology, the capability, the experience and the know how to deal with these issues. The technology is the combination vibrator and hammer piling system that permits the driving of sheet piles, H piles and circular piles together with an excavator capability. Throughout Ireland, on bridges and other structures the results of this technology are evident.
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Bridges & Masonry Technology

Coffey Group have many years of experience in specialist bridge and masonry a methods including grouting, diamond core drilling, abutment / arch strengthening, masonry arch bridge strengthening, shot creting & guniting.
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Nuclear Denslty Meter Testing

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