Coffey Construction has an extensive portfolio of successfully completed highways projects. We have undertaken projects directly for county councils, unitary authorities, the National Roads Authority of Ireland, Transport Scotland and for private clients.

Our road projects have included:

  • Design and construct motorway;
  • Dual carriageway ring roads;
  • Grade-separated junctions;
  • At grade junction reconfigurations in urban and rural settings;
  • Signalised junctions and pedestrian crossings;
  • On-line works on urban arterial routes;
  • Distributor roads on development sites;
  • Green corridor bus lanes;
  • Integrated and separated cycle tracks. 

Project values have ranged from £50k to £175m. For more information on our projects please click here.

Our Capability and Service

Coffey Construction owns a significant fleet of modern construction plant which we have used on our highways projects.  This includes bulk earthmoving equipment, dump trucks, tipper lorries, compaction rollers, concrete and asphalt batching plants and a concrete slipform paver.  Several of our long-serving foreman and senior engineers are road construction specialists.  Virtually all of work on our highways projects is self-delivered using our directly employed labour force and our in-house plant fleet.

Road projects inevitably cause some disruption to road users and local businesses and residents.  We have undertaken projects on roads with traffic volumes up to 100,000 AADT.  As part of our project planning, we contact all stakeholders who may be impacted by our works and invite them to meet with us so that we can take on board their concerns. 

Our traffic management plans designs form an integral part of the construction methodology, and are carefully designed to ensure the safety of road users, pedestrians and road maintenance personnel and to minimise the disruption to traffic.  A detailed analysis of the site is undertaken so that traffic flow through the work site can be maximised.  Our works are planned, where possible, to first open haul roads within our site to avoid transporting material on public roads.

Dublin Outer Ring Road


M7 Motorway Project

The largest single project which the company has been involved in is the construction of a 38km length of M7 Motorway near Limerick in Ireland as part of a 3-way joint venture.  This project included 4 grade-separated junctions and 10km of on-line single carriageway road widening.  There were 32 new bridge structures including 10 new overbridges, 17 new underbridges, 2 new rail, and 3 new river bridges, and 5 existing bridges were widened.  


3.5km of the new road was constructed through deep bogs.   The design solution was to install some 8,000 precast driven concrete piles in lengths from 8m to 36m.  A substantial piling mat was constructed to allow 80-ton piling rigs to operate under stable conditions. Pile caps connected the piles together and the road was constructed over a 1m deep stone and geotextile load transfer platform.  4km of local access roads were also constructed over bogs, but using a load bearing tyre bale system which floated the road across the bog.

Most of the streams crossing the new road formed tributaries of the River Shannon.  Reed bed filters and settlement ponds were put in place to control surface run off from the site.  Mammal-proof fencing and fish and mammal passes were installed.

Wicklow Port Access Road


Omagh Hospital Link Road


Milburn Road, Inverness


Waterford Outer Ring Road


Navan Inner Relied Road and Bridge


Bishop O'Donnell Road Improvement Scheme


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