Pottery Road Wall, Dun Laoghaire

Project: Pottery Road Wall, Dun Laoghaire
Contracts Manager: Rory Donnelly
Site Agent: Ulick Hannon
Foreman: Colm McKenna

The project is located on Pottery Rd, Dun Laoghaire along the frontage of County Council owned lands. The scope of the works included removing the existing palisade fencing and footpaths, the construction of 87m of a new reinforced concrete wall complete with the installation of a 2m high railing on top of the reinforced concrete wall. All the existing services in the footpath had to be protected and reinstated where necessary.
There was a large embankment 2.4m above the level of the footpaths which had to be reshaped to give a platform for the excavator to work along when pouring the concrete and moving the shutters.
The retaining wall was 2m in height with a 900mm base, it was reinforced using A393 mesh, U-bars and L-Bars. The wall was constructed using aluminium beams and strong backs. The shutters were moved along the length of the wall using a 12ton excavator and lifting chains.
Once the retaining wall was complete the 100m of footpaths were reinstated and the material behind the wall was graded up to the drainage channel at the rear of the wall.

Figure 1 shows the location and scope of the wall, both pedestrians and cyclists had to be accommodated for the duration of the works.

Figure 2 shows the reinforced concrete wall and footpaths in place ready for the new railing.

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